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Mission Statement

The mission of the AFRWC is to establish and sustain innovative and consensus-based approaches to mission-critical wireless communications technology and interagency partnerships that lead to seamless communications among public safety agencies serving the citizens of Alabama.
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FirstNet® News

FirstNet: Building the Nation's Dedicated, Advanced Public Safety Communications Network
February 23, 2017

Lives depend on first responders’ ability to communicate in disaster and emergency. That is why FirstNet was created – to develop a wireless, mobile network to modernize public safety communications and keep first responders connected when it counts the most.

FirstNet Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2016 Marked Significant Achievements in Making Network a Reality for Public Safety
February 22, 2017

Over the last fiscal year, FirstNet accomplished many major milestones, with the most significant being the gains made in the acquisition process for the deployment of the nationwide public safety broadband network.

As Cities Become ‘Smart’, Public Safety Looks to FirstNet for Priority Broadband
February 13, 2017

This is a repost from the National League of Cities website.  

The term “Smart Cities” is a popular topic in today’s urban jurisdictions – but what is a Smart City? A Smart City has technological infrastructure which collects, aggregates and analyzes real-time data which it uses to improve the lives of its residents according to the National League of Cities, report “Trends in Smart City Development”.